Friday, November 4, 2011

The 2011 Christmas Tree Stand Review: Part Three

Christmas Mountain TS9405 Indoor Steel Christmas Tree Stand


First let me clear up some confusion.  Christmas Mountain also markets several Christmas tree stands under the name Santa's Solutions.  They are also sold under a couple of different names.
The Christmas Mountain TS9405 Indoor Steel Christmas Tree Stand is manufactured by Christmas Mountains in Canada.  It weighs in at a solid 10 pounds and features the "Turn Straight Centering System."  You can watch a demonstration of how their patented system works here:

Another quality that makes the Christmas Mountains/Santa's Solution Christmas tree stands unique is the patented weight absorbing base design.

Dave, over at Christmas Mountains,  informed me that the Santa's Solution TS9405 comes with a lifetime warranty and that they are made from 100% USA/Canadian materials and assembly. 
They also manufacture another popular Christmas tree stand that looks almost identical to the TS9405.  It's called the Christmas Mountain Mfg. Inc T599 and/or Santa's Solution Original High Quality Christmas Tree Stand.  Make sure you double check the model number so you get the exact the tree stand you want.  You may also see them priced for substantially more, but that usually includes a tree watering system.

Regardless of which size you choose, everyone seems to really love the Santa's Solution/Christmas Mountains Christmas tree stands.  The only complaint I found was on  The buyer claimed it took WEEKS to get their Christmas tree stand.  The seller was a company called UnbeatableSales Inc.  And they state clearly that "product ships within 3-5 weeks."  Yikes!  So buyer beware when your dealing with that outfit.
Here's a link to the Christmas Mountain TS9405 Indoor Steel Christmas tree stand at
And here's a link to the same Christmas tree stand only this one is being listed as Santa's Solution Original High Quality Christmas Tree Stand:

To avoid a hefty shipping charge -- because these stands are made from steel -- the Christmas Moutain TS 9405 or as Santa's Solution Original High Quality Christmas Tree Stand can be found in retail stores like: 
  • Do It Best
  • Ace Hardware
  • Menards
  • L & G
Remarks and Reviews:
  • "Easy to assemble."
  • "Good quality."
  • "Great construction."
  • "No leaks."
  • "Very solid."
  • "Sets up in 5 minutes."

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