Monday, November 7, 2011

The 2011 Christmas Tree Stand Review: Part Six

Home Logic Christmas Tree Stands:

Home Logic appears to have cornered the market on Christmas tree stands as they have placed their stands in practically every major retail market out there.  If you intend to purchase your Christmas tree stand at one of the big box stores, you'll probably find yourself standing in front of a big Home Logic Christmas tree stand display, and confusion will set in.

Home Logic has several kinds of Christmas tree stands and several models -- some are better than others.  Some are for artificial trees and some of those rotate.  Their best seller -- and a favorite of their male customers -- is the EZ H2O Christmas Tree Stand.  Home Logic claims that these tree stands keep "even the most crooked tree trunks standing tall and straight."

The larger of the two EZ H2O Christmas trees, that I found on, comes with a five year warranty and it's made in Troy, Michigan.

Both sizes are made from heavy duty plastic with means that the stand itself won't rust and stain.  What makes this tree unique is its two level eight screw design, which makes perfect sense to me. 
Remarks and Reviews:
  • "I would never get this again.  Had this stand for seven hours and it will not hold up my tree do (sic) to holes are stripped from tightening screws to hold up tree."
  • "My only gripe is that it's very hard to water the tree."
  • "This stand is great."
If The E-Z H2O Christmas Tree Stand seems like the stand for you, here's a link to the product at the website:

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