Thursday, November 10, 2011

How to Put Christmas Tree Lights on a Christmas Tree: Part One

I didn't know much about how to put Christmas tree lights on a Christmas tree until I decided to write a couple of blog posts about it.  I mean, I watched my dad do.  And then I watched my dear honey struggle with it.  But I DO know what I like.  I do know what looks ridiculous or inadequate.  I also know that my husband -- Johnny Frogman USN Retired -- has a very different opinon on the subject.  And sometimes his passion for perfection does not translate to Christmas light installation.  He has expressed to me on many occassions that since he is the one putting on the Christmas tree lights, that I just need to shut my "pie hole" and live with it OR I could just do it myself.  Hmmmmm.  Could I?

Do you know that there are actually experts in this very topic?  Designers and decorators that put Christmas tree lights on Christmas tree professionally -- for a living?  For most of us, the problem with lighting a Christmas tree is mostly lack of experience.  Unfortunately, when one only does an activity once a year, it's hard to become proficient at it.  What if you only sent an email once a year, or shot hoops or cooked?  Same thing when it comes to putting on lights.  I needed some expert advice -- expert advice and a little compassion.

So as I start this journey, this is what I know for sure about how to put Christmas tree lights on a Christmas tree:
  1. A Christmas tree is not a Maypole.
  2. The wires for the lights should be almost invisible.
  3. Check the Christmas tree lights for burn outs BEFORE you put them on the tree.
  4. Don't overload the wall socket.
  5. It's easier to put the Christmas tree lights on the tree when the lights are ON.
  6. It's going to take a lot more time than you think it's going to.
  7. You can't send anyone to jail for NOT putting the Christmas tree lights away correctly the previous year.
  8. If left in the attic, vermin WILL chew on the wires.
  9. When replacing a burned out bulb, take a second to see how it's attached.  It's important to get the whole bulb, not just the glass part.

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