Wednesday, November 9, 2011

The 2011 Christmas Tree Stand Review: Part Nine

The Wonderstand Chrismtas Tree Stand

   Phone:  877-999967
This is another one of those "as seen on TV" Christmas tree stands.  This is the "Easy up.  Easy down.  Easy all the way around" Christmas tree stand.  If you want to refresh your memory:

It features a two part "cup and base" attaching system which seems to be the way of the future.  It also has a a foot pedal for clamping the cup in the base, and because the cup and base are two separate units, it becomes possible to turn the tree 360 degrees.  Easy access to all sides of the tree make for easier light installation and decorating. 

You can find The Wonderstand Christmas Tree Stand at listed as:  The Best Quality Christmas Tree Stand with a Lifetime Warranty.  By the way, if it matters to you -- and it does to me -- The Wonderstand is made in Tennessee, right here in the good ol' USA!
Remarks and Reviews:
  • "Wow!  The infomercial was true."
  • "Was surprised at how simple the design and how well it is made."
  • "What an awesome stand."
  • "Sounds great, but it was aweful (sic).  The screws (sic) that go into the tree strip because of the plastic."
  • "I love it.  It's made tough, definitely a quality product."
  • "Decorating it was quicker as well, because I was able to easily turn the tree to decorate it.:
  • "The answer to our prayers."
  • "Worst stand ever."

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