Wednesday, November 16, 2011

How to Put Christmas Tree Lights on a Christmas Tree: Part 12

A Few Last Tidbits of Advice:

So, you've picked the perfect Christmas tree, you've put it in the Christmas tree stand (and filled it with water), you've got all your Christmas tree lights organized and ready to go -- just one more thing:
It will be a lot easier if you give yourself 1-2 feet of clearance between the tree and and the wall.  More if you are Rubenesque like moi, and less if you've got a child helping you.  This way you can get all the way around the Christmas tree with the Christmas tree lights.  Let me repeat -- 1 to 2 feet of clearance between the tree and the wall, so your husband/boyfriend/dad/son has plenty of room to move around to the back of the tree. 
While it's not really necessary to put ornaments on the "wall" side of your Christmas tree, you really do need some lights.  You want the lights to shine through the tree and your ornaments. 

And finally, one last word of advice:  if you have a tree topper, don't wrap the very tip-top of the Christmas tree (also called the "spire") with lights.  And if your tree topper lights up, give the tree topper is own place on the power strip.  They use more energy than regular strands of lights.

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