Tuesday, November 8, 2011

The 2011 Christmas Tree Stand Review: Part Seven

Standtastic Christmas Tree Stand   

Website:  www.safechristmas.com
   Phone:  713-335-8652
    Email:  hadom@safechristmas.com

At first glance, the Standtastic Christmas Tree Stand looks just a little too mechanical for me.  Brackets?  A screw driver?  What?  But the good news is that there are two videos on YouTube that show exactly how to use this stand.  After watching these, it really does look pretty straightforward. 

Here is one of them so you can check it out yourself:

And if that isn't helpful enough, there are printed instructions that come with the stand, as well as available and viewable at the website.

The Standtastic Christmas Tree Stand has a wide 24" base with four stabilizer brackets that screw into the tree.  Here's the trick -- there is a centering pin in the bottom that goes up into the bottom of the truck BEFORE you place it in the stand and attach the brackets. Then, the four stabilizers are screwed into the trunk with a Philips head screw driver.  Once that's done, the brackets slide and adjustments are made where the stabilizer arms connect to the Christmas tree stand.

Harold Odam -- the inventor of the Standtastic Christmas Tree Stand did a stint on a local television show called Great Day Houston  in a piece called "Inventions for the Home."  Besides being a very charming man and passionated about Standtastic, the panel of reviewers were very positive.  The hostess of the show was impressed that it's lighter weight was easy to handle.  Everyone agreed that the best market would be women, in spite of the fact that it requires a few tools.  You can see Mr. Odom's appearance here: http://www.khou.com/great-day/gdh_02032010_seg2_home-83445797.html 
If you don't have time to watch the whole segment, Mr. Odom show up around the 6:03 mark.

Chris Adams, an About.com Guide, wrote a stellar review and it's his opinion that the Standtastic Christmas Tree Stand is "quite possibly the most ergonomic (also making it the best) Christmas tree stand available."  You can read the whole review here:  http://ergonomics.about.com/od/christmas/gr/Standtastic_Christmas_tree_stand.htm

I believe that while the Standtastic Christmas Tree Stand is still a few years away from being a household name and readily available at a major retail outlet, it is too good of a product to have to wait for.  Thank heavens for the Internet and the Standtastic Christmas Tree Stand website where you can order it right now.
Remarks and Reviews:
  • "Packed well with all parts included."
  • "Easy and headache free"
  • "I had placed my order on 9/29 and did not receive the stand until the first week in December ... However, I corresponded with you by email during this process ... you responded to my questions very promptly."
  • "Attaching to the stand was easy and straightening was simple."
  • "I only had to add water every 4 or 5 days."
  • "No wobble whatsoever."
  • "Adjusting and attaching is a little cumbersome for the non-mechanical."
  • "Directions could be clearer."

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  1. At first glance, the Standtastic Christmas Tree Stand looks just a little too mechanical for me. Brackets? A screw driver? What? But the good ... ctreestand.blogspot.com