Friday, November 4, 2011

The 2011 Christmas Tree Stand Review: Part Two

Bowling's Last Stand:  
Website:         Phone:  888-556-467
Email address:

Bowling's Last Stand is made of steel, folks.  STEEL!  As a matter of fact, the company's motto is "Where plastic fails, steel prevails." 

Bowling's Last Stand is manufactured right here in the USA, Bear Lake, Michigan to be exact.  The smallest of the Bowling's Last Stands (for live trees) weighs 15 pounds and the largest weighs in at 107 pounds.  Besides the sheer weight of the Christmas tree stand, the tree trunk itself is held in place by three heavy duty T-bolts.  In all my research, I was not able to find ONE person who wasn't totally smitten with this Christmas tree stand.  However, prepare yourself for sticker shock.  Bowling's Last Stand comes with a hefty price tag as well. I must add that for those who bit the bullet, once Bowling's Last Stand was purchased and used, the price was no longer an issue.

You can purchase Bowling's Last Stand at their website with Paypal  It comes in five sizes:
I was also lucky enough to find four sizes of Bowling's Last Stand available at at a substantial savings -- plus one of them had FREE shipping -- and who doesn't like FREE shipping? 
Here's a link to the most popular size (and the one with free shipping):

To avoid those hefty shipping charges and fortunately for us, Bowling's Last Stand is also available at quality garden centers and hardware stores in 29 states.  To find a store near you, go to:

Remarks and Reviews:
  •  "This stand is truly the last stand you'll ever own."
  •  "Worked beautifully."
  •  "Worth going with the 10-12 foot stand as it holds so much more water."
  •  "Design allows closer placement to the wall."
  •  "The tree is as stable as if it was still in the ground."
  •  "Awesome, sturdy and easy to use."
  •  "The best tree stand I've ever owned."

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