Friday, November 4, 2011

The 2011 Christmas Tree Stand Review: Part Four

Krinner's Christmas Tree Genie
   Phone:  773-841-1490

Krinner, a German based company, manufactures The Christmas Tree Genie, also known as The Hassle Free Christmas Tree Stand.  I discovered it on YouTube right here:

Instructions read:  "Just place your tree in the stand, hold it straight and simply step onto the foot pedal until the claws firmly grab the trunk."  The foot pedal of the Christmas Tree Genie has a locking mechanism, but I was still skeptical of its stability until I realized the the tree stand has pull out feet.  Doh!

Whenever I get ready to buy any new fangled product, I'm usually pretty skeptical and I rely on third party testers and reviewers, like Good Housekeeping and Consumer Reports.  Good Housekeeping reviewed five Christmas tree stands and placed The Christmas Tree Genie L at the top of their list, stating, "This time saver stand comes ready to go and gets a tree up in seconds."

In 2006, the staff at The Anniston Star, a newspaper in Alabama, did a review of eight Christmas tree stands, The Christmas Tree Genie L being one of them.  The staff determined "Expensive, but -- oh -- so worth it."
Both of the Krinner Christmas Tree Genies stands have heft to them.  The Christmas Tree Genie L weighs in at 13 pounds and the XXL tips the scale at 18 pounds.  The Christmas Tree Genie L comes with a three year warranty and the XXL has five years.

Here is a link to the website for the Christmas Tree Genie L:

And another to the XXL Model:

In my research, there seems to be two problems with both the Christmas Tree Genie L and the Christmas Tree Genie XXL.  The first issue, was that about 10% of the customers submitting reviews claimed they had a leaking tree stand.  The other complaint is that because they are so popular AND made in Germany, the availability is limited.  So if you're thinking about purchasing The Hassle Free Christmas Tree Stand, you should jump on it as soon as you can find one in the stores, or sooner than that at Amazon and other online stores.

Reviews and Remarks:
  • "Wow!"
  • "The stand works great but it broke upon first use."
  • "I am 60 years old and this stand has made it possible for me to continue to have a large tree and put it up myself."
  • "Leaked after the first year."
  • "Overall I'm very satisfied.  It's not a cheap stand, but based on our experience this year, it's worth it."
  • "One handed wonder."
  • "Easy 1-2-3."
  • "So far, so great."
  • "The most frustrating thing about this tree stand is adding water."
  • "This is the best tree stand ever.  You simply place your tree in the middle, pump the handle and it's done -- yes, in about 1 minute."
  • "The best Christmas tree stand out there."
  • "Save your marriage -- buy this machine."

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