Monday, November 14, 2011

How to Put Christmas Tree Lights on a Christmas Tree: Part Five

Types of Christmas Tree Lights: Miniature Lights
Miniature lights are also called Fairy Lights and/or Wedding lights.  And these are probably the lights we all have in our attics.  These are the lights that revolutionized Christmas tree lighting in this country, once electricity was available to everyone.  Moving from real candles, to the big glass bulb lights that really could set a dry Christmas tree on fire, it was the miniature lights we bought to transition. 

Inexpensive enough for everyday use (that's right I have some around the windows in the master bedroom), they come in clear, white, multicolored, single colored, twinkling, not twinkling, chasing, green wired, white wired, brown wired -- they have it all. 

For many years I was a huge fan of the old school bulbs.  As a kid I lived for the day that we would get the Christmas tree lights out of the attic and I was sad when the holiday season was over and they were tucked away -- each bulb wrapped in tissue.  When my 50 year old strand gave up the ghost and I was forced by lack of money to choose a cheaper replacement. I bought the miniature lights -- and I've never looked back.  I LOVE them! 

What I like best about the miniature lights is there is no need to pack them away.  You can use them for so many things other than just lighting up a Christmas tree. Right off the top of my head: weddings, baby showers, outdoor parties, the make a great night light for kids and babies, every other holiday you decorate for.  Over at they even suggested to put them in your fireplace instead of logs during the summer months.  What a great idea. Just remember that they are "incandescent," which means they have that delicate fragile filament on the inside.  They will break if you drop them on a hard surface too many times or jump rope with them.

On December 26, when people are out there scooping up great deals on ornaments, wrapping paper, ribbon, bows etc., I'm always fighting for the miniature lights. 

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  1. With the right placement of christmas tree lights, your Christmas tree will look amazing and beautiful. Thanks for the tips!