Monday, November 7, 2011

The 2011 Christmas Tree Stand Review: Part Five

Grinnen's Last Stand

   Phone:  888-469-6271


I must admit that I discovered Grinnen's Last Stand Christmas stand completely by accident.  I was on YouTube watching the video for another Christmas tree stand when this one popped up.  It was shown on the DIY Network's Cool Tools segment.  I'm glad I saw it because the concept was hard for me to visiualize how the stand actually works.  Check it out at: 

However, once I watched it, the whole system made perfect sense.

The Anniston Star, a newspaper out of Anniston, Alabama rated several Chrsitmas tree stands back in 2006.  They liked Grinnen's Last Stand, but had difficulty comprehending the written instructions.  Personally, I think that with the written instructions, along with the YouTube video, an average person would be able to set up this Christmas tree stand, no problem.

Coral Nafie, a former guide, loves Grinnen's Last Stand for four reasons:
  1. The strap and rachet system.
  2. The large water reservoir that is also easy to fill.
  3. 30" base, flat to the floor.
  4. The price tag.
Grinnen's Last Stand is manufactured by Jim Grinnen and the Last Stand is his invention.  A strap goes around the trunk and is then tightened up against the stand.  Think AGAINST the Christmas tree stand, not IN the stand.  Besides the unique ratcheting system, crooked trees can be manipulated by a "leveler" on each leg.  The stand has a 30" base and it's made out of steel, which is then powder coated. That means no rust!

You won't find this baby at the local hardware store or at Amazon. com.  You'll have to order it directly from Grinnen's at their website:  That's okay because you really should visit them just to see how amazing this stand is.  If you love it, just click on through to the ordering page.  You can also order by phone or by snail mail.  Grinnen's Last Stand takes PayPal, which is always a good thing to use when shopping on line. 

If you're not happy with Grinnen's Last Stand, return it for a full refund.

Remarks and Reviews:
  • "I know an elegant design when I see one.  By definition, an elegant design is one that is characterized by scientific precision, neatness and simplicity.  In practice, it must also operate reliably, be rugged and easy to use.  Your tree stand possesses all these characteristics and I think, is far better, than stands that cost a good deal more."
  • "It took 2 minutes to open the box, 5 minutes to put the stand together and 5 minutes to put the tree up."
  • "I must tell you that your tree stand made Christmas much more enjoyable then I can remember in a long time.
  • "Jim, I couldn't be happier."



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