Wednesday, November 16, 2011

How to Put Christmas Tree Lights on a Christmas Tree: Part 11

Christmas Tree Light Covers --
A Fun Option

Before we get to the actual installing of the Christmas tree lights, here's a few more lighting options to consider ...

You can make a fashion or political statement by purchasing strings of lights that have ornamental covers over the bulb.  If you have ever visited a trailer park in Florida, you'll see these lights strung across the canopies.  Actually, it's pretty cool looking at night.  I've seen: fish, palm trees, tropical fish, smiley faces, cupcakes, cars, flip flops, parrots, Pittsburgh Steelers, the Detroit Tigers, soccer balls, footballs, boats, pink flamingos -- pretty much anything you can imagine.  While not traditional in the Santa sense, they might be a cute option for a themed Christmas tree.

Unfortunately Christmas tree lights that already have light covers installed can be a little pricey.  For example, I found a strand of R2D2 (from Star Wars) lights that were 138 inches long with a 30" lead in wire.  There were 10 lights and the cost was $24.99.  YIKES! 

But don't despair.  There's another option.  Why not use the Christmas tree lights you already have and just buy the light cover.  There are three advantages to this:
  1. The expense.  It's a lot cheaper, therefore, you can buy more light covers.  More bang for your buck.
  2. You don't have to cover every light in the strand.  That way you can strategically place these special lights anywhere on the tree -- not just in a line.
  3. You can change them out.  Your team traded your favorite play?  Change your light covers.  Had a midlife crisis and bought a sports car?  Change your light covers.  Going to Paris in the new year?  Change your light covers.
You can find some pretty unique ones on Ebay and Etsy as well as your local hardware store. 

And one last thing, if you are in the market for new lights this year, think about buying some commercial Christmas tree lights.  These are the kinds of lights that are used by cities, universities, landscapers and designers.  Yes, they cost more money, but they are so much more heavy duty than the ones us civilians usually buy.  Most of the time you can find them in stores right next to the regular lights. 

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